Come to Speed Clean Laundry and you’ll find we offer more amenities than any other laundromat in the area. From friendly staff to a clean store, we focus on making your experience better than any place around. Where else will you find a branch new store with modern machines, two private parking lots, the choice to pay with coins, credit cards, or even smartphones? We even have an in-store ATM as well as a free WiFi bar to surf the web while your clothes wash and dry? If you prefer not to drive, take the bus or call us as we do pick up and delivery. We also have a city bus stop directly across the street.

  • Pick up and Delivery Service.
  • Drop Off Laundry Service.
  • A clean laundromat that is maintained daily.
  • New efficient equipment in varying capacities (single load up to as many as eight loads at a time).
  • Five convenient payment options: Cash, Coins, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Smart Phones.
  • Daily specials, seven days a week.
  • Free Wi-Fi, TV, and radio.
  • In-Store ATM machine.
  • Vended laundry supplies.
  • A variety of snack and drink selections.
  • A very well-lit store with 24hr security surveillance.
  • Two private parking lots.

The following neighbors are all directly next to or just a few steps away from us.